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Veterinary Services

Efficient health exams

Keep your pet in good health with regular health exams at Noonday Veterinary Center of Tyler, TX. Both cats and dogs are accepted at this clinic.

Full vaccinations

Vaccinations are an essential part of your pet's health. Don't let them get rabies when it's so easily prevented. Call for more info.

Dental cleaning

Cleaning your dog or cat's teeth can be a hassle. Why not trust our licensed veterinary to do it? Your pet will have sparkling clean teeth in no time.

Preventative care

Prevent fleas and ticks from irritating your pet. Blood work and diagnostic testing can be run if you suspect your pet has an illness like Lyme disease.

Additional services

Spay and neutering services are always available. We also have access to a digital x-ray machine for your complete satisfaction.

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